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qHxDMJ4779bKjXtfdLuT8DL6PqOI’m not exactly sure how to translate Acapulco La Vida Va. My guess is “Acapulco: The Life is Going”? Three men in their late 60s take off for Acapulco where they are simultaneously reminded of their youth and their old age.

The man who has organized the trip is suicidal, but we don’t understand why until later in the film. Not only does he want to spend time with his old friends, he wants to see an old girlfriend he hasn’t stopped thinking about for 50 years.

His purpose for the trip seems adolescently selfish to me.  At the very least, it’s incredibly insensitive toward those who care about him. So there’s that. And it bothers me that it so heavily sentimentalizes old age. One man is dying and wants to kill himself, the other is having serious heart problems, and the other doesn’t want to give up his youth and has serious prostrate issues. That’s absolutely heartbreaking! Even their nostalgia is heartbreaking. Getting old sucks. And, as they say, it’s not for sissies! When you sentimentalize old age, you belittle the strength of those dealing with it.

There were a few pros, however. Based on the film Semana Santa, which I watched many films ago, Acapulco is in serious decline, just like the old men in Acapulco La Vida Va. But most of Acapulco in Acapulco La Vida Va looks absolutely beautiful. The old men had very nice rooms with gorgeous beachfont views. I want to go!

Also, like a lot of  the “not so great” Spanish language films I’ve seen, I was able to understand the Spanish much better than usual. Acapulco La Vida Va almost seemed like it was meant to be an instructional film. That I could understand so much of it without having to read the subtitles made me very happy.

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