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an exploration of Latin America through food, film, music and literature

Dog_FoodI can’t believe I watched all of Los más sencillo es complicarlo todo (The Simplest Thing is to Complicate Everything?). It seemed promising at first. A potentially cute film about adolescence with a nod to some great films of the past. But it was AWFUL!!

It was actually kind of shockingly awful. Besides the lead character being shameless, there was also shameless product placement. The family dog is fed Pedigree dog food out of a dog bowl labeled Pedigree. (The camera zooms in on the label and leaves it there for a bizarre amount of time.) If your father has been named Entrepreneur of the Year, would your family be feeding the family pet a sub-standard pet food that lists corn as it’s primary ingredient? Well, possibly. Especially if they are as shallow and self-centered as the lead character of the film.

Unfortunately, unlike most of the “not so great films” I’ve seen so far, the teenagers spoke so rapidly I could barely keep up with the English subtitles. Not that it was necessary to keep up with the dialogue…

This is by far the worst Spanish-language film I’ve seen yet! I’m not sure how it ended up on my queue.

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