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Neruda_(film)Neruda is a biographical film about Pablo Neruda, although only about a very specific time in his life. It takes place when Neruda is a senator and the President of Chili has won the 1946 election with the help of Communists. In 1948, that same President turned against Neruda and his fellow communists. Brutal suppression followed.

Pablo Neruda speaks out against the oppression, but eventually is forced to leave Chile because his life is in danger. He has to escape over the Andes to get out of the country.

Gael García Bernal plays Óscar Peluchonneau, a policeman who is more a figment of Pablo Neruda’s poetic, literary imagination than an actual human being. The film is about Neruda’s attempts at escape and Peluchonneau’s attempts to catch him.

It’s a wonderful story and very well done. Pablo Larraín, from Chile, directed the film. He has directed several films but this is the only one I’ve seen so far. (Most recently, Larraín directed  Jackie which starred Natalie Portman and had 3 nominations at the Academy Awards in 2017. I intended to see that when it came out but still haven’t seen it, either.)

I wrote a fairly lengthy paper on Neruda for my Spanish class so I’ll post that after my class is over. Very interesting guy!

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